future brilliant team

3 steps as a team

We deliver value early and frequently. Each step delivers value along the way.

Step 1: Understand


We start with your decision-making team to understand the issues you and your team face. We are facilitators who are experts in bringing clarity to the 'how' of digital transformation. Our collective understanding of your goals shape the next step.

Step 2: Improve effectiveness and efficiency


A small team of our coaches will work with your leaders and teams to establish practical techniques for delivering outcomes effectively and efficiently. We use practical techniques to visualise the flow of work and ways of working.

Step 3: Embedded execution, end-to-end


Once we have clear problem to address we introduce our end-to-end delivery teams. This is why coaching is critical before embedding teams. Our teams are normally augmented by members of your organisation (for instance, your product managers). They are there to deliver and model effective practices.

Optional Extras: Training

Training undertaken without coaching is less than 10% effective. We combine training with coaching to fully encompass the needs of your teams: training the right team in the right thing at the right time. We create lasting delivery improvements and cultural growth by combining training with coaching.

Optional Extras: Sourcing local and global specialists


We have a wide network of specialist practitioners from the local and global tech and design communities. As your needs change over time we can contract specialists for short periods of time. It's not our core business and is used tactically to clear roadblocks in delivery.